DIY Guide to Building an Electric Fireplace for Small Spaces

DIY Guide to Building an Electric Fireplace for Small Spaces

Embracing the allure of a romantic fireplace doesn't have to mean compromising on space. Follow these simple steps to construct your very own electric fireplace for even the tiniest of spaces:

Planning and Design: Begin by envisioning the perfect spot for your fireplace. Consider the dimensions of your space and choose a location that serves as a focal point without overwhelming the room. Whether it's a corner nook or a snug alcove, plan the design to complement the existing aesthetic of your space.

We placed electric fireplaces at Mint + Sea Cottages, each cottage being only 460 square feet.

Selecting Materials: Opt for lightweight materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your project. Plywood, MDF, or even reclaimed wood can serve as a sturdy base for your fireplace surround. For the flame effect, explore the range of electric fireplace inserts available on the market, ensuring it fits snugly within your chosen dimensions.


FIREPLACE INSERT. And with this one, all you need is an outlet to plug it in!


Building the Frame: Construct the frame of your fireplace using the selected materials. Cut the pieces to size and assemble them according to your design. Keep in mind the dimensions of the electric fireplace insert as you build, ensuring a precise fit.

Creating the Surround: Add depth and character to your fireplace with a custom surround. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern facade or a rustic, farmhouse-inspired finish, let your creativity guide you. Consider incorporating shelving or mantel space above the fireplace for added functionality in your small space.


Finishing Touches: Put the finishing touches on your DIY electric fireplace with paint or stain to match your desired aesthetic. Consider adding decorative elements such as tile, stone veneer, or a faux brick backdrop to enhance the ambiance. We used Fireclay time! Personalize the space with accessories like candles, art, or mirrors to complete the cozy atmosphere.

Installing the Electric Insert: Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the electric fireplace insert within your constructed frame. Ensure proper ventilation and clearance around the unit for safety and optimal performance. Once in place, test the functionality to confirm everything is in working order.

With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, building an electric fireplace for your tiny space is within reach. Embrace the warmth and charm of a flickering flame without sacrificing precious square footage. Let this DIY project ignite your imagination and transform your compact abode into a cozy retreat.

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