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  • The Mint Casa: AIRBNB Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA

    Romantic Beach Getaway 1920‘s Cozy Spanish Home AIRBNB: near Naples Canals and 2nd Street in Long Beach CA. Designers dream home filled with unique character and charm. The perfect romantic getaway for a special occasion and for those who appreciate luxury living near the coast.

  • The Mint Cottage: AIRBNB Encinitas, CA

    Romantic Beach Getaway 1950's Quaint Cottage AIRBNB: The Mint Cottage walking distance to Moonlight Beach. Designers dream cottage filled with unique character with retro style design, modern conveniences and a romantic setting for a special occasion.

  • The Sea Cottage: AIRBNB Encinitas, CA

    Quaint Beach Cottage 1950's AIRBNB: The Sea Cottage is walking distance to Moonlight Beach, best shops + restaurants. Designers dream cottage with cozy fireplace, outdoor firepit. Truly luxury living by the coast.


    Perfect for film production or photoshoot location in a 3 bedroom 1930's Spanish Cottage or a 388 sq foot bungalow. Steps from the beach. Brand new facilities including free wifi, air conditioning, fire pits, barbeques, free-standing bathtubs, infinity showers, tv, refrigerators with full chef kitchen.


    Each item in the properties are curated from local designs, small shops, products that give back to charity, items that we simply love. Each item is carefully curated by the owners to give you the most unique experience. Shop our favorite home picks!