Easy Door Upgrade with Grandeur Hardware Knobs

Easy Door Upgrade with Grandeur Hardware Knobs

Before and after door knobs

In renovating our Mint + Sea 1950s Cottage, our goal was to create a luxurious feeling while keeping the cute and quaint aspects of the cozy home!

We decided to update all the door hardware as an easy way to create a very elevated look.

We fell in love with Grandeur Hardware whose tagline is “luxury for life.” Very fitting, right?! And luxurious they are!

Not only did they arrive in a black "piano box" with a microfiber polishing cloth for that instant luxury feel, when opening the box, the quality and and craftsmanship is apparent through the weight and high end materials they use.

We knew that these knobs would instantly upgrade our home.  

When searching for the perfect style, we feel in love with SO MANY as there are numerous gorgeous options to choose from.


In the end, we went with their Arc Short Plate with Chambord Crystal Knobs in Vintage Brass for our 1950s quaint cottage.

And we are so happy we did! They are absolutely STUNNING!

The Arc Plate has an elegant curve and waterfall edge for a clean yet vintage style - which is exactly what we were going for... modern touches with character.  

The Crystal knob is made from 24% lead Crystal for clarity and beauty on a solid brass base.

When opening the doors, it instantly adds such a feeling of luxury. Aren't they gorgeous!?

You can view the exact one we chose HERE.

View other options here at Grandeur Hardware.

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